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Getting Together With Friends.

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So I broke up with my girlfriend 2 & a half months ago after a 9 month relationship where we went through a lot. I cut it off a bit early because I just couldn't see us getting through these tough few months. Few days later and she's going out with another guy. Only in the past fortnight or so I've started to feel properly over her.Now going back 2 years a girl started at my work and one day we got talking, I was flirting a bit and tried to ask her out. But she told me to keep it quiet but she's started seeing another guy in work. I was a bit dissapointed but didn't think too much of it. Over the past 2 years we've become good friends, I'd class her in my top 10 I'd say. I also became friendly with her boyfriend in this time as we had a fair bit in common. A few months ago they broke up and it was a long dragged out affair which was a bit uncomfy for all of us as friends. On one drunken night out she gave me a lovely kiss while I was still with gf. It was great but we agreed to forget about it for various reasons. Saturday night just past we were going out. Me, her , her friend & her ex. She was looking stunning. Gorgeous & sexy. Her ex left and we ended up kissing quite a lot and fooling around. She was going to be coming back to mine at the end of the night but then in a club met this guy she has been seeing for the past few weeks and he whisked her away. Now I was a bit downhearted but so drunk and stuff it didn't really surprise me. The next day she came round to collect her stuff and we were friends again.But Monday/Tuesday we got talking really openly and she said she was keen to relive saturday night as much as pos until she goes away to Australia in 4 weeks. I didn't quite believe her at first but when I let myself start getting excited. We were being very flirty and stuff but then last night I got a text saying we should just be friends as she doesn't want to hurt anybody and feels that if we got together she'd get emotionally attached and it would all be complicated. I wasn't best pleased about this and replied saying as much and that we should go for it.After a good few drinks and a sleep I sent her a text this morning saying it's cool, don't worry we're fine. She's apologiesd a lot for being such a *BLEEP* and while writing this that's certainly how she comes across. I think she's just got a lot on her mind but I now can't get her out of my mind. She was always a friend but now I can't stop thinking about her. I've got a date tonight with a girl I like but I'm not thinking about her at all. Just about my friend wearing her sexy dress and kissing me.Ah well. Thought I'd share :Plots of love,stevethedog

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