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Users Looking Again For An Internet Explorer 8 Update

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While IE was better enough. But still lack support of some CSS property and not yet compatiable with CSS 3.0.

Personally, IE was big improvement on speed, a bit security and CSS rendering. But I still use firefox as my default browser.

What about the next version of IE ? IE8. Here is some answers !!

URL : http://www.zdnet.com/topic/microsoft/?p=997

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Wow its been two months since they lasted updated about the news on internet Explorer 8, refer to my topic about this back in September. Well at least with this article they gave some news on what they plan to do with Internet explorer; although I think putting out a new browser every 9-12 months is kind of stupid unless its just patches and visual looks.

Of course I am in complete shock that people are still using IE 6, well duh (slap head) the interface to IE 7 was pretty bad but now the underground has 300 million ways to attack people now :), but thats the one thing I have notice though is security updates for IE 7, I just haven't seen them. Of course I would expect that those browser updates are coming from regular window updates but again I don't see the info about it though.

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