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20 Free Software That Everyone Should Have I mean it this time

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I was browsing around computer tech sites and came across this little article of joy, interestingly enough I have some of the installed on it and have reviewed through the giveaway site here on trap.


Glary Utilities


This software is great, and what else can I say about it since it does what it claims it does, cleans your computers, cleans your registry quite well and some other good stuff. You can read a more in depth review about this software here.


If you need to clean and optimize your machine, improve your privacy and security, or do other similar tasks, you'll want this program. It's free, it's simple to use, and it'll make your computer run much better.</p><p>Its cleanup and repair tools include a Registry cleaner, a disk cleaner, and a shortcut fixer that corrects shortcut errors on your Desktop or Start menu. Among its optimization tools are a startup manager and a very good context-menu manager for editing the menu that appears when you right-click a file.</p><p>You also get a file shredder, encryption tools, a utility for cleaning up your Internet traces...the list goes on. For anyone who wants to take control of their PC and doesn't want to pay even a penny, this is a great program to get.


Download Glary Utilities





Although I have never used this particular software, I would believe some other versions I have use are just like it and does a super clean of your system, and gets rid of stuff you don't want to get rid of and cripples your system. I might give it a run in a few weeks before I reinstall my laptop and see what its like and worth keeping later on.


Like it or not, your PC is full of junk. And no matter how hard you try to keep the junk off, it accumulates over time. This must-have does a great job of cleaning everything out. It clears your browser cache, temporary files folder, browser history, Windows log files, hot-fix uninstallers, and temporary files from third-party applications. The app offers a lot more, too, including a Registry cleaner and an uninstaller. Considering that it's free, it's hard to beat.

Download CCleaner


PC De-Crapifier


Ok this next peice of software is very intriguing especially since I have never heard of it nor thought someone would design it for something most people do when they get a new built PC. I think the decription of this software says enough:

As good as CCleaner is, there's something it doesn't do: Track down "craplets" and kill them. Craplets are useless programs and trial versions that come installed on many new PCs, or that piggyback onto other downloads and install themselves on your computer. The result: a clogged hard disk, and a slower system.


That's where this free must-have comes in. It looks for dozens of craplets, finds them, and eliminates them.


The program's list of targets is long, and it includes the craplets most commonly preinstalled on PCs, such as QuickBooks Trial, Dell Search Assistant, Wild Tangent Games, a variety of Norton and Symantec trialware, and Yahoo Toolbar. Be sure to see the full list.


The one thing i will say though after looking at the list is the fact some of this programs are major software, and it goes after the trial versions specifically, so I wonder if i could tell the difference between pre-installed full version software and not trial base software. So if anyone has comes across this software let us know.


Download PC De-Crapifier


Belarc Advisor


This next little piece of software my PCH and DOS teacher told me about and I have ot say its pretty good as it gives a person a lot of details, and it even gives your some interesting security update messages and stuff. I have to say out of hte software I mention on Xisto that does what this little bundle of joy does, its the more superior one out there.


This great free utility does a thorough analysis of your hardware and system setup and then creates a profile that shows you everything you have. The profile is a Web page living on your machine that you can save or print out--or better yet, both.


In the profile, you'll find all you could ever need to know about your PC: the processor type and speed, including the primary and secondary cache sizes; the size and type of hard drive, including the total space and free space; the names of all the Windows user accounts; your RAM setup, including the serial numbers of the RAM modules; and your motherboard manufacturer and serial number. And that's just a start. You can use all of this material for troubleshooting, for technical support, for planning upgrades, or for anything else that requires a system rundown.


Download Belarc Advisor



Glary Registry Repair


The title says it all but with what I have experience with the mini version of this cleaner in the utilities software this one should be top notch as well. Of course I know its another registry cleaner and they never work but blah blah as long as you know your doing it won't matter.

Use your PC long enough, and you'll have problems with your Registry. Invalid entries, software that doesn't clean up the Registry after it uninstalls, invalid paths and file associations, obsolete entries--the list of Registry problems can be endless, and they'll slow down your PC, cause system crashes, and generally muck up things.


You'll never be able to track down the problems yourself, so grab this freebie, which scans the Registry and fixes issues fast. You can choose which changes to accept and which to ignore. The program creates an Undo file, too, so you can revert to your previous version of the Registry if complications occur.

Download Glary Registry Repair


Well That is just one page of some the great software they have, of course after browsing through the rest of the pages it goes downhill from there, especially on page 3, and parts on page 2 and 4. Thats my opinion though but should be obvious there are better ones out there that are just as free.




Well we all know that winrar and winzip are the better ones, of course if they were smart they fix that bug with the trial expiration date on it, you know the one where after 30 days you can still use it and you you get the pop out saying you need to buy it, yeah that one. Although the different compressions levels seems interesting almost like crunching a gig down to 10 MB or something. So I would say this would be a useful add on to either winrar, winzip or similar software like it.

Windows comes with basic file-zipping features, but it leaves much to be desired. Every PC toolbox needs a good compression program that can compress and extract files and create archives. No doubt you've heard of for-pay compression programs such as WinZip and WinRAR, but you may not know about the free jZip, which offers everything you want from an archiving and compression program but doesn't cost a dime.


It handles popular archive formats such as Zip, RAR, 7z, TAR, and GZip, and gives you high compression ratios to save the most disk space possible. It's exceptionally easy to use, yet it offers great flexibility, such as including subfolders when you archive, splitting archives, and encrypting archives. You also have a half-dozen compression levels to choose from, depending on how small you want archives to be and how quickly you want to compress them.


Download jZip


NoteTab Light and NoteTab Pro


Ever since Notepad++ came out there are so many clones to this famous piece of software, I would say the original is the better version and it doesn't need all those knick knacs and stuff to make it look uber. Thats why I have a html editor and of course Windows office to cover all that. However I think the worse software is word pad, enough said on that, and so for the most part I disagree with the description they gave on this software.

Is there a piece of software more useless than Notepad? It can't even do something as basic as open more than one document at a time. Replace it with either the free NoteTab Light or the shareware NoteTab Pro, which are everything that Notepad isn't. The free version opens multiple documents, handles large files, includes autocorrect features, lets you save text clips for later reuse, offers different fonts, permits macros, and plenty more.


If that isn't enough for you, move up to the Pro version ($30), which includes multiple levels of undo, offers a spelling checker and thesaurus, and allows you to bookmark documents, among other capabilities. It has a slew of features for programmers, as well. For anyone who edits HTML, it's ideal, as it includes a variety of useful HTML tools

Oh they get you with a pro version no wonder they would say it.


Download NoteTab Light and NoteTab Pro



Clipmate Clipboard Extender

Meh I never really saw a point in making software for when someone does a copy and paste of something. Ok I see a usefulness if its a very large item your copying and stuff, especially if you collecting stuff for research papers and junk like that. Either way I see something more of taking up space and more files to control and stuff, and lets not forget they got a paid version, and I know there are "free" free versions of this.

One of Windows' most basic features is the lowly Clipboard, which is nothing more than a temporary waystation for clips. That's where ClipMate comes in: It lets you save clips of all kinds so that you can reuse them--for example, boilerplate text you use time and time again, or software registration codes that you'll need handy for reinstallation.


Not only will the program save clips for you, but you can organize them into groups as well. You can combine individual clips into larger ones, edit clips, and preview clips, too. Also useful is the tool's ability to handle any kind of clip, including graphics.


We have the 30-day trial version in our Downloads library. The software costs $35.

Download Clipmate Clipboard Extender


Well That is just one page of some the great software they have, of course after browsing through the rest of the pages it goes downhill from there, especially on page 3, and parts on page 2 and 4. Thats my opinion though but should be obvious there are better ones out there that are just as free.


Page 3 consist of online tool such as AceFTP, Download Accelerator Plus, BitZip, CoffeeCup HTML Editor

Page 4 Contains security software such as Avast Anti-Virus, Ad-Aware 2007, Windows Defender



PC Cleaning

General Windows Tools

Online Software

Secuirty Software

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Thank you for this post I'll have to show it to my husband, he's always having computer problems:)

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i think you should add, CDex and ACDsee to the list, acdsee cost money for the full version, but CDex is free. cdex is a sweet audio converting program and cd riping program, and as for acdsee its a sweet simple picture viewing organizing and editing program. p.s. if you want something for audio editing try Goldwave, that one's cool too.

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