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I posted this in the wrong place the first time:I searched the internet for about 2 hours on the topic of using relative links in flash movies. I created my entire portfolio website in flash and at the time I made it, i created all absolute links which turned out to be aweful. I couldn't find anywhere to to use relative links and every time I tried nothing worked.I finally figured it out yesterday. In order to get relative links to work you need to have the flash movie file in a directory beyond all of your other content for the site. In my case my flash .swf file had to be in website/portfolio/portfolio.swf and I had to move the rest of the directory outside of the portfolio folder where the movie is stored. my other links now have the form of ../files/image1.html or ../hawk/index.html. This was the only way that it would work. Just thought i'd share the knowledge since I couldn't find it anywhere else online

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