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Db Sdlc Software development life cycle Do you use it? how has it helped you i

Do you use DB SDLC for your projects?  

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I just want to find out how many use it and how much help its been for them. I've started a project a while back and I find I've not planned it fully in the early stages i.e. requirements wasnt fully identified so I'm constantly having to go back and recode many parts as I discover its missing something. At this stage I've stop completely in my development and going back to the drawing board to try and plan it out as best as possible so I wont have to redo alot of it because of poor planning.I think depending on your project size and complexity you may or may not need to use any SDLC. A project can take months to build if your working alone and have little experience or knowledge. If you have really good defined requirements and a good plan it can speed up development time. I've spend like a week now reading up on SDLC processes and trying to understand and use them. When i think about it all the times I have gone back to readd things I could of easily have used that time to properly plan a project and would have spent little time fixing things.

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