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My Practical Exam Experience 1 UNIX PRACTICALS

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hi i am starting this topic so that all can share their experiences in practical exams ,especially UNIX PRACTICALS EXPERIENCE.It all started in the 5the semester of my engg. course. I had the subject Unix and its practicals. I enjoyed all through the semester without studying for the practicals and i had 12 exercises . The first 6 exercises were Shell Programming and the other 6 were C programming in UNIX.So it was the time of my model practicals . i prepared well to the maximum possible for the exam and appeared for the exam, but the only defect was that i did not practice for the exam. Just i studied and went.I entered into the LAB for my models . i received the question paper and i started reading the questions. I just had 2 questions in that , one was from shell programming and the other was in C. I know for sure that writing the shell program is comparitevely easy when compared to the c programming . To my luck i had a easy shell programming. The question was to find the sum of the prime number series. I started with the program well. But in between i had a doubt whether 1 is a prime number or not. I assumed 1 to be prime number and then i did the program. Unfortunately my assumption was wrong.1 was not a prime number. So i didn't get both my output in the models.When i came out of my model exam i decided to study well for my UNIX university practical .And the univ prac . was on 03/11/2007.I decided to study the previous night . The previous Night came and i opened my book. Now i thought that i should not do the same mistake which i did in my models of not practicing for my exam ,so i decided and i started working out for my practicals ,I slept only at 4:30 in the morning . i had prepared to the maximum level possible and i went to the LAB main practicals in the following day . My batch was from 10:00 to 1:00, that day i didn't have my break fast and i went. I went into the lab. the external examiner was there and i took the question paper , To my surprise i got the paper easy. The 1st program was Shell and the question was to find the PALIANDROME of the given string. I was the first one to show the output for the shell program in my batch, Then i started with the second program. The question was C programming in UNIX and it was to create pipe and to create 5 process and 2 pipes and to make inter process communication.I started off well with that program too , inititally i had errors, but i managed to correct it and got the outputThen i realised that ,Even though NOBODY IS PERFECT , PRACTISE MAKES ONE PERFECTI realized that .

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