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Help Pls.. help pls..

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hi guys, can somebody help me out with this case.. Im making a daemon which will automize the services(i.e. check if load if high, then stop services) with config files.this is how my program works:1.) check config files which is placed folder(i.e httpd.conf, mysqld.conf).2.) open each file and check the configuration(make checks if load is greater than the limit which the daemon will execute a command).3.) check if service is running or not(check on the /proc/pid/status, opens all folder which is numeric).4.) stop or start service (depends on what is configured inside the file).5.) back to step 1.now the problem is the daemon suddenly dies after a few minutes(30-50mins).i think its in this function...

int is_up(char *svc){DIR *dir_pn;struct dirent *dir_entry_pn;char _name[64], name[64], _state[64], stat[2], state[64], _sleepavg[64], sleepavg[64], _tgid[64], _pid[64], _ppid[64],_tracerpid[64],_uid[16],_gid[16];char _fdsize[16],_groups[16],_vmpeak[16],_vmsize[16],_vmlck[16],_vmhwm[16];char _vmrss[16], _vmdata[16], _vmstk[16],_vmexe[16],_vmlib[16],_vmpte[16];char _stabrk[16],_brk[16],_stastk[16],_execlim[16],_threads[16],_sigq[16];char _sigpnd[16],_shdpnd[16],_sigblk[16],_sigign[16],_sigcgt[16],_capinh[16];char _capprm[16],_capeff[16],_cpus_allowed[16],_mems_allowed[16];int tgid = 0, pid = 0, ppid = 0,tracerpid = 0,uid1 = 0,uid2 = 0,uid3 = 0,uid4 = 0;int gid1 = 0,gid2 = 0,gid3 = 0,gid4 = 0,fdsize = 0,vmpeak = 0,vmsize = 0,vmlck = 0;int vmhwm = 0,vmrss = 0,vmdata = 0,vmstk = 0,vmexe = 0,vmlib = 0,vmpte = 0;int threads = 0,mems_allowed = 0;char stastk[16],execlim[16],brk[16],stabrk[16],sigq[16],sigpnd[16],shdpnd[16],sigblk[16],sigign[16],sigcgt[16],capinh[16];char capprm[16],capeff[16],cpus_allowed[16];char kb1[2],kb2[2],kb3[2],kb4[2],kb5[2],kb6[2],kb7[2],kb8[2],kb9[2],kb10[2],kb11[2],kb12[2],kb13[2];int ctr = 0;char *svcstore;dir_pn = opendir("/proc");FILE *fp, *file;while(NULL != (dir_entry_pn = readdir(dir_pn))){char *newdir, *_newdir;char dir[] = "/proc/";char status[] = "/status";if(isnum(dir_entry_pn->d_name) == 1){newdir = strcat(dir, dir_entry_pn->d_name);_newdir = strcat(newdir, status);fp = fopen(_newdir, "r");while(fscanf(fp, "%s %s\n%s %s %s\n%s %s\n%s %d\n%s %d\n%s %d\n%s %d\n%s %d %d %d %d\n%s %d %d %d %d\n%s %d\n%s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %d %s\n%s %s\n%s %d\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %s\n%s %d", &_name, &name, &_state, &stat, &state, &_sleepavg, &sleepavg, &_tgid, &tgid, &_pid, &pid, &_ppid, &ppid,&_tracerpid,&tracerpid,&_uid,&uid1,&uid2,&uid3,&uid4,&_gid,&gid1,&gid2,&gid3,&gid4,&_fdsize,&fdsize,&_groups,&_vmpeak,&vmpeak,&kb1,&_vmsize,&vmsize,&kb2,&_vmlck,&vmlck,&kb3,&_vmhwm,&vmhwm,&kb4,&_vmrss,&vmrss,&kb5,&_vmdata,&vmdata,&kb6,&_vmstk,&vmstk,&kb7,&_vmexe,&vmexe,&kb8,&_vmlib,&vmlib,&kb9,&_vmpte,&vmpte,&kb10,&_stabrk,&stabrk,&kb11,&_brk,&brk,&kb12,&_stastk,&stastk,&kb13,&_execlim,&execlim,&_threads,&threads,&_sigq,&sigq,&_sigpnd,&sigpnd,&_sigblk,&sigblk,&_sigign,&sigign,&_sigcgt,&sigcgt,&_capinh,&capinh,&_capprm,&capprm,&_capeff,&capeff,&_cpus_allowed,&cpus_allowed,&_mems_allowed,&mems_allowed)!= EOF){if(strcmp(svc, name) == 0)return(1);}fclose(fp);}}closedir(dir_pn);free(svc);return(0);}

what do you think can be the problem?

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