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Dark Throne: Guide To Camping And Raising Population

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In this guide i will explain what camping is and how to effectively do it.


What is camping?

Camping is an unofficial state in the game where the player gains population, trains them into miners, and gets more population. its as simple as that. the whole point of it being to gain population and money at the same time without, yes without, attacking.


How do you go about camping?

Well, you can camp at any level, however, most do it at lower levels. To start, you must create a character. (Dark Throne) after you have created a character, then go to the recruiter. which is located under the community tab on the top of the page. once your in the recruiter, you hit the big button that says start recruiting or join the recruiter. then go through the recruiter. there are auto recruiters and multi-frame recruiters available externally, but i am not providing any.


In the recruiter, you get 350 clicks a day, which give you credits. those credits are used for citizens, you dont exchange them, you are given them automatically throughout the day. you can get 250 citizens maximum from the recruiter everyday. meaning you have 100 extra credits. those extra credits get saved so that if you do this every day, and then you cant for a day or more, then you dont have to worry about it.


you may want to get to a higher level, such as 3 or 7 to get mercenary camps and houses which are purchase seperately. to get mercenary camps, go to the battle tab, then mercenaries. for houses, go to the structures tab the housing.


At around 0:00 everday in Dark Throne time, you recieve you citizens from housing and mercenaries become available for purchase. mercenaries come pre-trained, but can be untrained and trained into miners.


When camping, it is recommmended that you train all your citizens into miners, so that while you are camping, you still get money. with 2k miners, i get 4.4 million every day. and thats only 2k miners. my goal is to get to 15k. you can upgrade your mine at level 11 to a coal mine, but that is not recommended. just stay around level 4 or 7.


You repeat the recruiter every day, get your mercenaries and citizens from housing and train them all into miners, until your reach whatever population you wish. this may take a while, but it is worth it in the end.


The Clickmaster:

another way to get population is the recruit link you get with your account. if you are in an alliance, most have a clickmaster, which they explain. submit your link to the person in charge of the clickmaster, and you can recieve up to 25 citizens a day from that.


i hope this has helped people.

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