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Dark Throne

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I am here to explain dark throne, a great, semi-addicting game, that give you something to do when there is nothing else. it is currently in its omega testing, but soon a public release will come out, called Dark Throne Silver i believe. I play the Beta and Omega versions.



The object is to become the best, obviously, which is achievable through lots of work. but a synopsis of the game also.


Difference between Beta and Omega:

The beta version is the second version of Dark Throne. it is simple to use, and very fun. The beta version is different from Omega because of level requirments. In beta, anything in the armory is available at all time, in Omega, you must buy armory upgrade that become available as you level and upgrade your fortification. Also, in Beta, all different classes available, are available right away. In Omega, they are achieved through upgrades. In Beta, beserkers are only available to the undead, in Omega, they are available to all. however, that might change.


The game is pretty easy to understand. you get 2 turns every 30 minutes, and turns are only used to attack. everything else is "free", but it may cost money.



Spying is done by having a good spy offense by buying things from the armory and training spies. veteran spies cant be sent on missions, so having about 30-50 spies is good (most you can send on assassination and infiltration is 30, 10 for plain spying). you also have a spy defence, which sentinels and sentries are responsible for. also, things from the armory can be purchased in order to raise the spy defense.



Offense is a big thing, defense, not so much. most players of dark throne concentrate on offense, while having little defense. a good rule is your level x 2 should equal your offense. Different things are available for offense and defense. up until level 23, you can only get things from the armory, but at level 23, you can buy battle upgrades such as the steed and guard tower. buying the best things possible is best. it is better to buy a few of the best things rather than a lot of the worst things. when you attack, the higher level you are, the less gold you are probably going to get from an attack. that seems like a paradox, but people bank more gold at higher levels. so when you are below level 10, attack people with 120 million+ and at 15 100 million+ and so on.



Part of Dark Throne is having an alliance that can offer protection, friendship, and help. i am part of an alliance called the Silver_Wolves. i am basically the webmaster because right now i am designing the website and things like that with a team of fellow wolves. but thats just me. most alliances have a forum and a clickmaster. a clickmaster is a web page that has recruit links of people in your alliance and you go through them, save the text (such as you have increased *******'s population to 23834) and then it saves how many clicks you have given and recieved.


Those are the basics of Dark Throne, obviously, it gets more complicated as you go on, but not much more. i will start releasing guides on different ways to play.

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I have been playing Darkthrone for 4years now, and im throughly bored with it, not much new stuff, not to mention that it was ment to go gold about 3 years ago. I have lost interest in the game.

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dark throne is so random. Its like a text based warcraft-like game.(The 4 classes are elf, human, undead and orc.)I don't get it. My friends play Warcraft 3 frozen throne but they are addicted to dark throne. I mean, dark throne is okay, but frozen thrones better! Why play a text based game? I just don't get it? I play warcraft 3 but sometimes play dark throne. Go the Elves!

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