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Conjuring Fire not really, but kinda, read the tutorial

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this trick was taught to me by a friend. it is not that hard, but the results are amazing. it seriously looks like you made fire!



Zippo or equivalent


a completely calm, well lit area (no wind, lots of light, inside works best)



This can hurt because the zippo gets hot! so be careful and let it cool down for a couple minutes every once in a while. also, dont do it too many times at a party (idealy, once will do the trick) and dont do it in the dark! only in the light unless you want to get figure out!





1. Open the lighter and bend the wick a little bit towards one of the back cornors of the lighter.

2. make sure the area your in is completely calm and lit up so the trick works and you dont get figured out.


Doing the trick:

1. Light the lighter

2. Dampen your finger if you do not have a high pain tolerance or if you cant take a little heat

3. Guide your pointer finger along the top metal part of the wick housing, your finger should touch the metal and go through the fire. do this from front to back. doing this pushes the flame into the back corner of the lighter, so it is a small blue flame that is invisible in the light unless you know what you are looking for. the reason for no wind is that, when the the air starts flowing around the flame, it shoots back up.

4. if the flame is in the back corner of the lighter, and it looks as if it is out, then do a cool motion to bring it back. the motion should move the air around a little bit, but not too much. my favorite thing to do is just snap or push at the lighter, but dont hit it. doing this moves the air around and the flame looks as if it started from no where and as if your magic. if you push too much air, it doesnt work, and if you dont move enough air, it doesnt come back. so practice this so you get it perfect and make sure no one breathes or anything on the lighter, it has to be perfectly calm.

5. you look llike your a magician because you spawned fire! dont do it too many times in a row as the metal will get hot and people might figure it out, but most likely not!


Why this Works:

When you push the flame towards the back of the lighter, it makes it into a very small flame that is not visible unless you know what you are looking for and is there until the air moves around it to bring it back to full strenght.

By making a move at the flame, such as snapping your fingers or pushing at it, it moves air around and the flame gets back to full strength, looking like you are magic and you spawned fire! its a really awesome trick that will shock most people and leave them asking "how the **** did you do that?!?!?!" but keep it a secret!


if you have questions, feel free to ask and i will be happy to explain!

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