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Tesco Shower Gel

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When I first moved into the flat I couldn't afford luxury items such as expensive shower gel. I decided to rough it and buy the Tesco own brand WAKE UP orange shower gel. And oh my goodness, it was the best thing ever. It smelled so juicy and sweet, yet also invigorating. A few months ago, they repackaged it. Fair enough, thought I. It still looks the same. And it was. Mmmm. Everywhere I went people were like wow, Chris smells so TANGY!Today while creeping about Tesco on my day off (as I do) and buying some bathroom supplies (as I ran out of conditioner and my new cleanser burns!) I went for some shower gel. And they've changed it.Properly this time.The packet used to have a hook so it would hang from the rail. Now it doesn't. It is packaged similarly to the Original Source shower gel. which is *BLEEP* cos the last thing i want to be doing in the shower is bending over to pick up my shower gel! I want it at hand height! Minimal faffing!As I looked closer at the package i noticed two small words. Well, one small and one medium. AND GINGER. Orange and Ginger. I ate some ginger tablet the other week and it was good, so I thought well it can't be that bad, can it?But it is. It smells generic and sick.This has really upset me.I'll be in my room if anyone needs me.stevethedog

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