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Battle Of Ancient Times

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?Two hundred dollars for all of these ancient tablets,? said the merchant. ?Good, I will take them,? said Robert. ?By the way, what are you using them for?? asked the merchant. ?To recreate the old Shadow of ancient times. He is said to be made of black and red ashes, with no face. The ashes are bonded by dark energy. Goodbye,? said Robert. On an airplane heading for China, Robert looked up Shadow on his laptop. ?Hmmm, all of the websites barely say anything about Shadow that I don?t already know. It?s odd. Each site represents a different empire and each has a slightly different message. They are like pieces of a puzzle with each empire holding a different piece,? Robert said to himself, ?Miss, when will this plane land in China?? ?About two hours,? replied the attendant. Investigating Aztec ruins, Pedro is trying to recreate the ancient god Bibaldi - Dacrenani - Macenan ?Desatonina ? Lacraninasina ? Babinakina ? Catnina. He is the son of ? Bill. Bibaldi is the only thing that can even try to match Shadow?s power. Pedro is working with his friend Ray. ?Ray check this out.? ?What?? ? It says there is an opposite to Bibaldi.? ?So?? ?Shadow is his name. His power can destroy this world.? There is a long silence. ?But? that is not possible. What if someone is trying to resurrect him?? asked Ray. ?Then we must stop him,? said Pedro. ?I know how,? said Ray. ?How?? asked Pedro. ?We resurrect his eight main followers: Mr. Monday, Ms. Tuesday, Mr. Wednesday, Ms. Thursday, Mr. Friday, Ms. Saturday, Mr. Sunday, and Bob to locate them,? said Ray. ?Not a bad idea. We give them two days and they report back,? said Pedro. For the next five hours Pedro and Ray were performing the ritual for Bibaldi?s main followers. ?Yes, recreaters?? asked Mrs. Tuesday. ?Find out if someone is trying to recreate Shadow,? said Ray. ?Yes sir,? replied Bob. For the next two days Ray and Pedro reserved hotels in China, bought Chinese tablets, and rented a private plane. When Bibaldi?s main followers came back there were only two left: Bob and Mr. Monday. ?Where are the rest of the followers?? asked Pedro.?We all tried to rendezvous in China before we came back, but someone was trying to resurrect Shadow in China. We tried to stop him, but he resurrected Shadow?s followers: Mr. Zero, Mr. One, Mr. Two, Mr. Three, Ms. Four, Ms. Five, Ms. Six, Ms. Seven, and Bucky. They killed all of us except me and Mr. Monday. We escaped by running threw the sewers,? said Bob. ?So that is why you reek so bad!? exclaimed Ray. ?Shut up Ray. China is the last piece of the puzzle. We have to go there to resurrect Bibaldi,? said Pedro. ?But if Shadow and Bibaldi were to clash in battle, we might be sent to a different dimension by Bibaldi trying to protect us,? said Ray. ?But Bibaldi would kill us at the same time,? said Pedro. ?Exactly, Bibaldi can?t transport us through dimensions like he can himself,? replied Ray. ?Well, looks like we are going to China,? said Pedro. When the plane arrived in China, all that remained were ashes. Pedro knew they had to hurry. All that could be heard was shrieking sounds and all they could see were ashes. As they scanned the area, the land was flat with gray ashes until they saw a mound of black and red ashes that they knew to be Shadow. The shrieking was Shadow screaming and his creator laughing. ?Hurry, set up the ritual!? screamed Pedro. After five minutes of preparation, the ritual was ready. It took six more minutes to complete the ritual and a shining figure with a long sword was rising. Bibladi was twenty feet tall and about six feet wide?about the same size as shadow. ?Bibaldi, we must destroy Shadow,? screamed Pedro, but it was too late. Shadow had already destroyed every other continent and even destroyed his followers. The only people left on Earth were Robert, Shadow, Bibaldi, Pedro, Ray, Mr. Monday, and Bob. In less than four seconds, Bibaldi and Shadow were fighting. Flames were flying and swords were swinging. After ten minutes of fighting there was a big flash and tons of portals opened. Robert instructed Pedro to leave through a portal and hope it ended somewhere safe, or Shadow would destroy them all.Pedro told him that Bibaldi was strong enough to destroy Shadow, so they fought. After, thirty minutes of fighting Robert and Shadow destroyed them all. Out of pure rage, Robert decided to destroy all signs of life in the universe. He knew he couldn?t go from planet to planet to destroy them, so he had to trick Shadow. Robert convinced Shadow that by detonating himself, he could destroy the universe and become immortal. Shadow foolishly followed Robert?s advice and instantly exploded. The universe was no more.

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