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Username Validation With Php

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A simple method of validation. This is good if you dont want spaces between caracters:




<FORM action="vali.php" method="post">	<P>	<LABEL for="user">User name: </LABEL>	<INPUT type="text" id="user"><BR>	<INPUT type="submit" value="Send"> 	</P></FORM>



<?php$user =$_POST['user']; $cuser=0;for($i=0; $i<strlen($user); $i++)   { if ($user[$i]==" ")	{   $cuser=1;	}  }  if($cuser==1){  echo "The user name have spaces";}else{   echo "The user name is correct";}?>

Notice from rvalkass:

Remember, all code must be placed in CODE BB tags. Thank you.

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<? if(preg_match("/ /", $_POST['user'])){  echo "The user name have spaces"; }else{  echo "The user name is correct"; }?>

This is exactly the same result in way shorter code. Besides to remove the spaces and to set the username and password to lowercase [when you have case-insensitive login system] and to prepare them for inserting to the database just use this code:

<?$username = htmlentities(strtolower(trim($_POST['user'])),ENT_QUOTES);$password  = htmlentities(strtolower(trim($_POST['password'])),ENT_QUOTES);?>

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