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Scar Runescape Miner something i made

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here is something i made :)

{Copy rights reserved to khalil.Email humanexterminater@hotmail.com , contact to request similar scripts orto report a bug or error.I made this program for firefox, so using firefox would reduce errors.Random message:The random message is a message that will posted every time your characterdrops ore, i made it so that people won't suspect you are using a bot.You can edit it by changing the 'mes' when you are asked the question(you willbe asked when you start the script). i suggest putting 'free ores'.Mine coordinates:First of all change your Resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels and maximize both scarand runescape windows, this is crutial otherwise the program won't work.To get mine coordinates, bring your character next to the mine and click on themine, once your character starts mining.Once your character stops moving andstarts mining, Hover your mouse over the mine, Press   ALT + TAB and choose ScarWITHOUT moving the mouse.When Scar opens, look at the far down-left of yourscreen. You will see 2 numbers, x:y, x represents the abscissa of the mousewhile y represents the ordinate of the mouse. These coordinates are the same asthe mine, so minex would equal the first number, and miney would equal thesecond number.Enter these coordinates below in the mine section.Number of ores kept while mining:Pretty simple, how many ores would you like to keep before your character startsdroping ores. You can edit that number in the mine section by changing 'Nomines'which is originaly set to zero.Experience:When you mine you get about 17 exp per mine, that might change from one type toanother. So before you start the program, mine once and see how much exp you got.After doing that enter the exp gained in 'exp' below.Then run the program.Eachtime you mine, there will be a message here saying how much exp you gained.Thismessage will contain 80~100% of the max possible exp gained.It can't be exactbecause there might be times when you might miss a mine if someone else ismining.Important Notes:-Make sure the first four slots in your inventory are empty, because the itemsin those slots will always be dropped.-Make sure you have a hammer in your hand, otherwise you would keep goign aroundin circles.-Don't wear any thing. Trust me from personal experience. Because sometimeswhile you are mining, a monster(sometimes strong) might appear out of nowhereand starts attacking you. Even if your character starts retaliating, your attackwould always be interrupted from attempts at mining. So 90% you would die. Hencedon't have anything on you but a cheap pickaxe(bronze is best for this unlessyou want to mine something that requires more).You can also get the trainingshield.}program Runescapeminor;label  lblBack;var  Count: Integer;  Nomines: Integer;  exp: Integer;  Nummine: Integer;  Totalexp: Integer;var mes: string; var  minex: Integer;  miney: Integer;beginmes:= LoadSetting('Kaitniek''s scripts', 'username');Writeln('Previous message: ' + mes);mes:= Readln('Enter the message (currently '+mes+'):');SaveSetting('Kaitniek''s scripts', 'username', mes);WriteLn('Requesting access');Wait(1000)	;WriteLn('Verified');Wait(100) ;WriteLn('Starting script')  ;Wait(100)   ;WriteLn('Initiating') ;//minimizes Scar   MoveMouseSmooth(966, 10);						   Wait(1000); ClickMouse(966, 10,true); Wait(1000)   lblBack: //mine minex:=379;	//Insert mine's abscissa here. miney:=427;	 //Insert mine's ordinate here. Nomines:=30;	 //Insert number of mines before dropping here. exp:=17;		//Insert exp gained from 1 mine.MoveMouseSmooth(+minex,+miney);Wait(8000);ClickMouse(minex,miney,true);Wait(3000);Count := Count + 1;Nummine:= Nummine +1;Totalexp:=Nummine*exp;Writeln( 'Total exp gained assuming everything went well is ~ '+IntToStr(Totalexp));  if Count <Nomines then goto lblBack;MoveMouseSmooth(699,488);Wait(2000);ClickMouse(699,488,false);Wait(2000);MoveMouseSmooth(699,527);ClickMouse(699,527,true);MoveMouseSmooth(739,488);Wait(2000);ClickMouse(739,488,false);Wait(2000);MoveMouseSmooth(739,527);ClickMouse(739,527,true);Wait(2000);MoveMouseSmooth(786,488);Wait(2000);ClickMouse(786,488,false);Wait(2000);MoveMouseSmooth(786,527);ClickMouse(783,527,true);MoveMouseSmooth(825,488);Wait(2000);ClickMouse(825,488,false);Wait(2000);MoveMouseSmooth(825,527);ClickMouse(825,527,true);//send message SendKeys(mes); Wait(1000); KeyDown(13);Count:= Count - 4;Totalexp:=Nummine*exp;Writeln(+IntToStr(Totalexp))goto lblBack;end.

if you want something similar contact me:)

edit:can't get the code thing rite O_o

Notice from rvalkass:

Fixed code tags.

Edited by rvalkass (see edit history)

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