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Classic Comics War comics, newspaper comics from 60s 70s and 80s

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I saw many comics as a boy and some of them I have forgotten but there was one that sticks in my head. Now I would like to track down what that comic strip was so I'm asking if anyone recalls such a character as the one I remember. Please reply with any comics that fit the description. I don't think it was Beetle Bailey but I could be wrong. The character I am thinking of had a hug army helmet hanging over his face so you couldn't see any features just the big helmet. Maybe baggy clothes. Possibly the helmet was german because I remember the shape looked like a german helmet but I don't know if that was just the artists style. I remember thinking it was a boring comic strip back when I was a boy so I think it must have been in the newspaper as I would not have been buying boring comics. Likely the newspaper that would have carried the strip would be in Halifax if local and any other paper if not local.This is one of those things that can drive you nuts once it gets in your head so I have resorted to asking for help so I can sleep better at night. I hope someone has seen this character and recalls the name of the strip.

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