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Police State News Post a newslink here and brief summary

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I'd like to start a thread where members post a news report they might see regarding flagrant human rights violations, police corruption, political corruption, or any other activity that a reasonable person accepts shouldn't happen in a "free" society. This doesn't have to be a United States/ North America thing, if your country touts itself as being responsive and caring toward its citizens and partakes in "free and open elections", then this thread is for you. Since I live in the U.S.A., I'll start with an article that describes a birthday party gone wrong. Apparently a 16 year old girl accidentally spilled some birthday cake on the floor, and ends with a security guard breaking her arm and sending her to the hospital (because she wouldn't or couldn't clean up her little spill to his satisfaction), after accosting the boy with the video camera who filmed much of the incident. Why is this police state news? Because the security guard did not end up in jail, instead the girl's mother did, for a couple hours, because she had the nerve to protest his actions and called the police. Now, since they're pressing charges against the guard, the corrupt district attorney is charging the girl and/or the mom with various offenses.

Just to show I'm not focused on teen-age female victims of society, here's another story from a few months back to further illustrate the police state we're living in today. This one is from Canada:

At the S.P.P. conference in Montebello, Que, Canada (this happened at the WTO riots in Seattle some years back as well) undercover police acting as agent provocateurs, began "attacking" police from within the demonstration in order to incite violence.

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