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T In The Park 07

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Thought I'd share this with you all :) As you all know i went to T in the Park this weekend, and although the gf seriously suck at roughing it i still managed to have a good time!We arrived on Friday evening in pishing rain, and trekked for miles through muddy fields. Eventually we found a spot to pitch our tent, which i erected in 5 minutes, and then (after I pumped up the airbed) we had a nap before catching some of the arctic monkeys.There were a few setbacks to our weekend, eg the cash machines weren't working and we didnt have that much dough, and also our phones ran out of battery. I was ever the gentleman though and listened chivalrously to my constant whinging, spent his last ?20 on a pair of wellies for the girl, and didnt even grumble when she spent our last 4 pound coins on some cardboard tubes that make girls able to pee standing up. How lucky is she to have a boy like this!?Some of the acts we saw were;Charlotte HatherlyKate NashJamesLostprophetsMikaJetBrian Wilsonthe Killersthe PipettesOcean Colour Scenesome really cool band who's name i forgetJames really were brilliant, I'm so glad that they are back together and I can't wait for the new album early next year.and yeah it was generally an awesome time, we left during Snow Patrol on Sunday night and are now clean and comfy! So although i had fun i dont think there'll be anymore camping for me in the forseeable futurexxx

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