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Me and Courtney are still together, her parents still do not know but she is doing little things that I believe is a step towards everything being ok. For example while we were at the mall walking around shopping her mother called and of course I had to be hush, but out of nowhere she said "Mom I just saw Mark" the conversation continued from her mom about how I had been and how long we talked..etc. Do you think this is a good small step ? Yesterday I did however slip up on my worrying, she was across the street from her house babysitting for her neighbors and I wanted to go see her but since her mom and dad were both home and across the street we decided it was a bad idea. That is until I saw multiple ambulances screaming by towards her house. I called/texted to make sure she was ok, and when I recieved no response I jumped in my car and rushed to the house she was babysitting. All went well, I explained why I came and she actually told me to stay. It was amazing having time with her and when the parents of the children came home we all sat around and talked about our situation. They said we reminded them of themselves when they were younger and that we were so obviously in love it was sickening. I am supposed to go back over there tonight at 8 to see her again. Another risk but a risk well worth it ?My biggest problem right now is this...1) Things are going too well - I know sounds crazy, but I am expecting something wrong to happen now. For example, for her to cancel about tonight or for her dad to be there when I arrive. Anything drastically wrong. 2) I feel as if I am far too easy - Meaning to get a hold of etc, she knows that in the drop of a hat I would do anything to see her. I cannot help this feeling bc of our limited time together but I do not want to come off as weak. I need tip on how to just realize things can go good. Maybe some type of therapy...? I called her 2 hours ago but she was minutes away from meeting her father so she had to go and when i called back...no answer. It is driving me crazy. LoL God I am sooo in love with my angel. Thanks again for the help

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