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Dogs Are The Cutest!?!? Any think an animal other than a dog is the cutest?

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I recently got a little cocker spaniel blue roan puppy named Saffy


She is soooooooooooooooo addorable!!! :)


Anyone else have a cute little dog?


Or disagree when i say dogs are the cutest?


Saffy can be a bit of a pain though...


Shes only just properley house trained but is fairly obdient =D


We did take her to puppy training classes where my friend was taking her dog aswell!


Which was quite fun for both me and Saffy and we met lots of new friends =D

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Welcome to Trap! I see you just joined. I haven't been here long myself, and have found it to be a great place. While baby goats are certainly way up there near the top of the cute list, I will have to agree that nothing beats a puppy when it comes to cute. I love to watch all the funny stunts they pull.I'll bet your dog is a real cutie. I think the blue roan is one of the prettiest cocker colors. Glad to hear you did the puppy classes, they can be a big help in making sure your pet grows into a great companion.

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I agree that dogs are cutes!
And puppies are the cuttiest!
I got 2 poodles, but they are 9 and 11 years old. But, they'r cute to.
Aren't they?
This grey poodle is Merlim.

And this white poodle is Lancelote

I will have to disagree with you all there about puppys being the cutest baby kittens and puppys have been battling for the number 1 cute spot for sometime now .

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