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Hello! I have a desktop and a laptop. I am a programmer and I have different projects I'm working on both on laptop and on desktop. Of course those project files must always be synchronized. I should mention I have a wireless network.I have tried the Briefcase from Windows XP, but it seems it can't do it or I'm doing something wrong. I have a folder with the name of my project (for example "Xisto") and some subfolders with the different versions of my project (for example "0.1.1", "0.1.2"). This subfolders also have some subfolders and files in them. What I need is for the main foder (Xisto) and all it's contents to be updated (not only if the files are changed, but also if new files are created).So what I did:1. Create a briefcase on my laptop and drag the folder Xisto from my desktop to the briefcase on the laptop2. It does the copying...2. Open the briefcase and try to synchronize...But instead of telling me that the folder/files are up-to-date or not it tells me that they are single (my windows is in my language so I don't know if this is the translation... in other words it tells me that it can't find the original files to make the comparison). What do I do wrong?If the problem is not from me, but from the way the briefcase is designed can you please tell me some other software with the same functions. Of course it would be better if I could use the briefcase!Thanks,

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