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The War On Terrorism... (9/11) Just a reminder of what 9/11 should be and not what people have made i

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... is not the focus of this day.

Thanks to the myriad conclusions of what happened on that day and why, America is in a tumult of blind decision-making and supporting of ideas that they don't even understand.

Conspirators are collecting fervor from the masses, preaching that 9/11 was an inside job and that our own government allowed what happened to happen.

People are supporting the war and people are going against it, their decisions based on what the media feeds the American mindset.

Even I'm being inclined to post this very bulletin on this day just to remind you that there is a lot going on and this is not just another Tuesday, September 11th of this year.

None of it matters.

The World Trade Center was hit, and thousands of lives were lost. We've grieved. We've passed. We've grown more aware, or at least more attentive to world events and "terrorist activity." We're scared. We're worried. We're wondering when we'll be hit again. If we'll be hit again.

Is this the focus of today?


Today's focus is not on feeling hate for what happened today, four years ago. Today's focus isn't on supporting our country in our "war of terror." Today's focus isn't even being patriotic at all.

Today's focus, ladies and gentlemen, are on the people that selflessly went into the World Trade Center to try to save lives; on the people who perished when the towers fell; on the servicemen and women that are being told by the government to try to make a difference; and on the policemen, firemen, and human service departments that still struggle to do their jobs daily, despite your annoyance as that cop writes you your speeding ticket.

Support your law enforcement. Support your fire-fighting department and its volunteers. Support your health care providers, especially the EMS personnel that are the first to arrive at the scene. Support your soldiers that are fighting not because of what they are, but what they are told to do.

Support the people of America. Remember.

Not just today. But every day. When they need it most.

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would be a decent message. The unfortunate thing in America is that the countries administration and leaders are actually trying to capitalize on such a tragedy. (See Rudy Guliani's presidential campaign and much more noticably bush and cheney's ware on Iraq). I'm not sure that all americans are aware of what truly happened. As for this tragedy bringing everyone together, i believe it did for the first few weeks afterwards but eventually led to more partisanship in the country.

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