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Romeo And Juliet Essy

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i had to do a romeo and juliet essay for english so i thought i'd post it her for all you to see


Romeo and Juliet Essay



Was Juliet ultimately responsible for the tragic outcome of the play?

Many People are responsible for the tragic outcome of the play, Friar Lawrence, Romeo, Capulet, Montague, the Nurse and Juliet herself. I will tell you about most of them. All of them have little effects but when thought off all together they all add up to the tragic outcome.


Juliet is very young. She will do anything you tell her to do. For instance: she likes Romeo, the Nurse tells her to marry him, so she does. Then Romeo gets banished and her parents tell her to marry Paris. But she says no, and then the Nurse says that she should marry Paris. She goes to Friar Lawrence, and he changes her mind again. But ultimately Juliet is responsible because she is the one who put the knife in herself. She is also the one who took the potion that made her appear dead, which made, in turn, Romeo kill himself.


Romeo is just older then Juliet and is responsible because he killed Tybalt and got banished from Fair Verona and then he came back to Verona when he heard that Juliet was “dead.” He came back with the intension of killing himself as he bought poison from an apothecary upon entering Juliet’s tomb he finds Paris, kills him in her tomb and then kills himself with the poison to his passion is to be verified with Juliet, even in death. When she wakes up and finds her beloved dead in her tomb, Juliet then kills with Romeo’s dagger herself so she will be with Romeo in death for ever.


It is also Romeo’s fault because he went to Capulet's party, which is where he met Juliet. Most people would say that it is solely Romeo and Juliet’s fault, but in my option it’s not because everyone has a role to play the leads to this tragic outcome.


Friar Lawrence is the person who works and runs the church in Verona. He married Romeo and Juliet and he also gave the Juliet the sleeping potion. He also failed get the letter to Romeo in time to tell him that everyone thinks Juliet is dead but she is not and that they can run away together. Friar Lawrence also knew about the entire relationship and told nobody. It was in his power to potentially end the relationship by refusing to marry them – he didn’t. He and the Nurse both helped Romeo and Juliet get together, and therefore they both are also responsible.


The Nurse is responsible because she helped get Romeo and Juliet together. She also influences Juliet a lot like telling her to marry Romeo and that she was a messenger for the couple. She has done a lot for the Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. This is how the Nurse is responsible.


As you can see it is not only Juliet that is responsible for this outcome, even though she is the one who ultimately held the dagger and killed herself, she is not the soul person. Many people are responsible as they influenced this outcome.

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That's probably better than mine haha. We based ours around the superstition, that has a high theme in the play.I think you used the word "and" and the phrases "is responsible", "are responsible", "also responsible" too frequently...you could use microsoft word or a thesaurus to find a different word. I'm usually getting marked down for my repititions, anyway.

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