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How To Spawn A Soccerball!

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an really good tut on how to spwan a soccer ball on halo 2

RequirementsAny halo 2 map!
NewMombasa Campaign map

First off open up Entity

Next Find the NewMombasa Campaign Map

Now go down to the BLOC tag,

Go all the way to the bottom till you find the Soccerball (its says Soccerball)

Now click the Soccerball and go to the top right hand corner and check the boxes that say Recursives,Parsed and Sounds
Now click SAVE thats right next to the boxes

Now create a folder (You must create one) and name it soccerball or something

Entity will pop up and say DONE when it is complete

Now open up any Halo 2 map of your choice (for the tutorial I will be using Containment

Now go to the bottom right corner and click BUILD

Now find the place where you saved the soccerball

Entity will pop up and say DONE when it is complete

Now scroll down to a weapon of your choice (for the tutorial I will be using the magnum)

Now after clicking Magnum go to Tools in the top right corner and click Meta Editor

Now scroll down in the meta editor till you see a Blank called "Proj"

Swap that with the SoccerBall (which is now located in the BLOC tag) so it now looks like this

Now Click the Save button at the top of this page!

Now Resign,Fix system Link and FTP then play!

Tutorial made by iBotPeaches!

pretty good ay

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