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Rand() Another the artists tut, this time small.

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We will now discuss rand().
rand, is used for randomizing numbers within it.

<?php$random=rand(1,10);echo $random;?>
You will get a number between one and ten.
It is useful for creating fun guessing games.
It is also useful for attack scripts in online games, ive used it like this
rand($levelofuser1,$skillpointsofuser1) * 3
for the person being attacked:
rand($levelofuser2,$skillpointsofuser2)* 3

here is a small guessing game script:
//form.php<?php$rand=rand(1,10);//that randomizes the number from 1 to 10..afcourse,,you can always change it to 1-100 or 20 -22..etcif ($_POST['randnumber'] = $rand) {echo "<font color='green'><b>Correctly Guessed!</b></font>";} else {echo "Guess Again! The correct answer was ".$rand."";}?><form action='#' method='post'>Guess a random number from one to ten :<br><input type='text' name='randnumber'><br><input type='submit' value='submit number' name='rbutton'></form>

Have fun!

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I love the rand function in php, in most other languages like java, and js, rand dosn't take paramaters and it gives you a random float between 0 and 1, then you have to multiply and add to it and then top it off with a round to get the same result as the nice php random int function.

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