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Keyword Relevancy A Suggestion

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Keyword Relevancy

Addition to Board Rules & Guidelines?


I recently became aware of the importance of composing topic titles and descriptions in a manner conductive to attracting new members via internet search engines by fully maximizing Keyword Relevancy.


As it turns out, composing topic descriptions with the intent of attracting new members from search engines is an ?extremely high priority? at this forum, even higher than getting hits from current members viewing the last topic list. Yet no mention of the term Keyword Relevancy (that I can find) is shared with members on Trap 17?s Board Rules or Readme. Nothing here specifically addresses the fine art of maximizing Keyword Relevancy, and the infinite examples of un-optimized titles and descriptions further drive home this point.


As an example, one of the topics I initiated was chosen for modification as the keywords were apparently not relevant to the content of the post. After some discussion, a much longer title/description that contained several keywords designed to garner increased hits off Google & Yahoo was accepted. The logic being attracting fresh members/advertisers supports uninterrupted free hosting at Trap 17, which of course makes perfect sense. What doesn?t make sense are the absence of guidelines to support this goal.


Trap 17?s Readme emphasizes the import of creating topics that produce long discussions, as well as composing newsworthy titles utilizing limited words. These guidelines worked well for me in the past, as enough latitude existed for creative license to play some role. But I also find these instructions somewhat contradictory to the goals of Keyword Relevancy, as limited title keywords equal less internet hits. And composing catchy titles that encourage long discussion on this forum can certainly conflict with this goal as well. Or at least that?s how my domineering left cerebrum processes all this. I, and I suspect others of the non-techy bent, am confused by this disparity and need clear guidelines on how? exactly? staff would like titles and descriptions composed.


As Keyword Relevancy in topic titles and descriptions plays an extremely vital role to Trap 17?s continued success, it would only make sense to share instructions with all members. Please consider providing clear, specific guidelines in Readme, preferably with some examples on how best to optimize Keyword Relevancy.

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