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Ai In Multiplayer

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Ok to start off this tutorial you will need the following apps for this tutorial.-Entity 1.3.9-Insolence-AIEditorAll are avalible to download here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ now open the multiplayer map you wan to add AI to in insolence.Open the singleplayermap you would like to get youre biped/characters from in this tutoruial I will be using06b_floodzone.map.Since Entity dosnt extract the bipeds properly we will have to use insolence to transfer our biped.Ok now we have to transfer our biped were going to use for this tutorial i will be usinga marine.Ok to transfer the biped you have to double click the biped then drag it to theother map the simply let go then a move box will appear.Depending on your computer this should only take about 15 minutes but relinking is whereit usually takes the most time but be greatful it relinks or you whould have to do it allby hand.When it is done the move box will go away but were not done because we now havethe biped but the AI need a character to spawn and so on.So now we have to add the charof our biped to do so you just drag and drop the char the same way we did with the bipedonce thats done you can close insolence.Ok open youre multiplayer map and youre singleplayer map in entity.Click on the scnr tagin the singleplayer map and finaly right click youre mouse to bring up a context menuthen select chunk cloner then the chunk cloner will appear.Ok now click the weapon pallete 1 time and then click the "copy to clip board" buttonand then exit the chunk cloner.Now this time in the multiplayer map click the scnr tagand bring up the chunk cloner then click on the node right below the header then click"add to selected reflex/chunk" and finaly click on "add meta to map".now repeat the stepsabove to transfer the following reflexes?Vehicle Pallet?Biped pallet?Characters?AI Squads?AI Squad Types?AI Encounters?AI Triggers?AI ZonesOk now we have added everything now we just go to edit some things to make the AI spawn.Close the singleplayer map and click on the metatools menu on top of all the tags to theleft and then click the meta editor.You should now see this.now to edit the sqad name youre squad whatever you want its recomended to name it by describingwhere is spawns like this one im going to name it middle_spawn.After you edit each field alwaysremember to save your progress by clicking on the save button right below the build button.Now we have to set the sqad up to spawn in MP simply by clicking on the spawn up on start check box.Set the team to whatever you want for this ill use yellow set the plantoons to whatever typeof AI youre spawning in this case human.Then in the number of AI on that spawn on easy/hardput the number of AI characters you want to spawn ill go with 4.then we have to set the defaultcharacter for the sqad which is a marine.Now we set the primary and secondary weapon to whateveryou want but remember the biped has to be able to hold it or it will look really weird and mayfreeze the game after that set the grenade type.Ok now we have to set up the X,Y,and Z spawncoords to a specific point in our map so to find coordsuse the bsp viewer and in the bottom right corner there will be the X,Y and Z coords of the camera posisition.Now we have to null the sound dialog do go to the hlmt tag of our biped in this case a marine then on top of the tags to the right is that Meta Toolsbar so click it and then click referance editor.Now right click somewhere where its white and click Display/Indents.Then you willl see a bunch of things that point to uldg so cover them all and right click then a context menu comes up so click swap and then put each one to null.Resign,close entity and ftp your map be sure to enable yelo's enable AI in MP option, Enjoy and thank you for reading this tutorial.

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