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Frogger [review] For the Xbox 360.

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Although Frogger is a popular arcade game that is available to play on PCs and all. I based this review on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade game Frogger. I am the one that wrote the review, I did not copy it off some other website (except the site I posted it on).


Frogger is an Xbox Live Arcade game produced by Konami that currently costs 400 Microsoft Points. In Frogger, the objective is to rescue/take 5 frogs home in one level.


In the process, you must cross a 4 lane road safely, and then skip and hop to turtles backs and fallen, floating trees to the Frogs home, which is in the other side. Each level gets harder and harder as you move on. The cars speed increases, and the pattern of the turtles and fallen trees changes, making it nearly impossible to know how/when each one is going to come. Another addition is Snakes and Alligators; Place a frog in their way and youre dead!


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Frogger has 2 playable game modes. Arcade and Xbox Live. In Arcade, you play Single Player, or Multiplayer if you have 2 controllers and try to get to the farthest level you can. In Xbox Live, you can play with other Frogger gamers (take note that presently, barely anybody seems to play). There are 3 online game types available to play for you and somebody else. Those game types include: Vs - play head to head with an opponent and the person with the highest score wins!: Speed - who is faster, you, or your opponent? And Co-Op, where you and your opponents high score combine, and if you have just enough (30,000), a achievement can be unlockable.


Froggers graphics can not be discussed mainly because it is an Arcade game, and arcade games are arcade graphics. However, you have the ability to switch the Graphic options in the game from Original to Enhanced.


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Froggers game play and how everything works is poorly made in my eyes. You get occasions where your Frog just gets paralyzed in the road in front of an upcoming truck, even though you had the chance to move, the frog decides to control himself and stay and get splattered. Another annoying occasional, unwanted glitch is when the frog leaps from one turtle/tree to another, but instead of leaping on the turtle/tree, you go in the water which is between you and the other object youre leaping on. Weird, but it happens occasionally. My conclusion is that Konami should of spent a little more on how the Frogger game play is and how everything works, but it is an Arcade game, so I wont complain too much.


Frogger is addicting however. It has a replay value that is just so addicting because you just want to get to the level you want to get so that you can unlock the achievement. I have been playing Frogger nearly everyday since I bought it (approx. 2 weeks ago) and I am pretty addicted to it because I am aiming to get the Complete Level # achievements. However, I cant comment if that replay value will change after I get all the achievements.


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