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Using Multiple Selection Array In Table To Order Data Using multiple selection array in table to order data

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have a form that has a multiple select choice, like this:

<form method="post" action="display.php"<select multiple name="selectsort[]"><option value="code">Code</option><option value="amount">Amount</option><option value="dateammended">Date Ammended</option><option value="expreviewdate">Expiration/Review Date</option><option value="effectivedate">Effective Date</option><option value="expired">Expired</option><option value="team">Issuing Team</option><option value="originate">OSL Originate</option></select></form>

The display.php file runs a query that sorts the results based on the selection (sometimes multiple) made in the form. The display.php file looks something like this:

$selectsort = $_POST['selectsort'];if( isset( $_POST['selectsort'] )) {$query = "SELECT * FROM contracts ORDER BY '{$_POST['selectsort']}' DESC";}$result = mysql_query($query);

I then echo the information in a table. I get results, but it doesn't pay attention to multiple selections. It only orders by the last selection made.


I can echo out the various selections and can see that the select part is working.

echo "$selectsort[0] , $selectsort[1] , $selectsort[2], ........"
How can use the selectsort[] array to order by the multiple selections?


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Try this one. The while statement continually queries in the database while there are query results then prints the results in the screen using echo.


if( isset( $_POST['selectsort'] )) {	$query = "SELECT * FROM contracts ORDER BY '{$_POST['selectsort']}' DESC";	$result = mysql_query($query);	while($result_rows = mysql_fetch_row($result)){		echo 'field 1 value: '.$result_rows[0];		echo 'field 2 value: '.$result_rows[1];		echo 'field 3 value: '.$result_rows[2];	}}

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