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Bourne/rush Hour 3 Reviews Courtesy of RopeofSilicon.com

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Here's a couple of snippets from RopeofSilicon.com's reviews of The Bourne Ultimatum and Rush Hour 3


Rarely, if ever, has the third film in a film franchise been the best of the lot, but The Bourne Ultimatum achieves just that status as each film in the Bourne series continued to top its predecessor. I went into the theater with the highest of expectations for what ends up being this summer's final three-quel and was happy to come out of it thoroughly entertained and convinced I had just seen the best action film of 2007 so far.
Oftentimes filmmakers tend to think they need to continually top each film in a series with more outlandish stunts, effects and witty dialogue, but with Bourne Ultimatum they only set out to give audiences what they have already proven they liked.


What can you say about Rush Hour 3? Its fine. Youll laugh a little bit. Youll cringe at times. And youll hope like hell Ratner did all the wacky stuff on purpose that this really is an odd homage to 80s style buddy cop movies (right down to the jokes) and not a real attempt at something fresh. Rush Hour 3 is like the anti-Hot Fuzz. Instead of both paying tribute and creating something fresh it just goes for a carbon copy. Sometimes its funny, as the 80s were funny, but sometimes its stale as its been 20 years since this style of movie was popular.
Real quickly, let me differentiate between the newer versions of this genre such as Bad Boys. Or heck, even Miami Vice. Both of these titles are theoretically buddy cop movies but they are updated for our generation. Thus they have very little in common with Rush Hour 3, which is essentially Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan thrown into a plot that doesnt matter so they can crack one liners.

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