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Brew Platform A mobile development platform

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BREW platform


BREW stands for Binary RunTime Environment for Wireless.


It is a mobile development platform like J2ME and .NET CF(Compact Framework) which is implemented in very few handfull of phones.


BREW is mostly found in all CDMA phones.


It is very powerfull compare to J2ME becase java does not allow much of low-level access to the device.

In BREW it is possible to nuke al areas of the phone to program and exploit the capablities of the phone.


In India Reliance is a CDMA mobile networks and in all their phones they provide an application called R World.


This R World application is developed full and full in BREW development platform.


There is actually no specific reason why BREW is implemented in CDMA phones but it is coincidental.

I would be happy to hear that my last statement is wrong.


There are very few developers with expertise with development in this BREW mobile application development.

So people who can develop BREW application to embed into the CDMA phones will be valued so much.

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