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Star Wars Galaxies

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I play an MMORPG called Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. It is a very vast universe. It includes both ground and space combat, and you can fight for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance. It has a huge amount of role-players, and you can create your own guild. Aside from making a guild, you can build your own city. You can place your own house, and customize it with furniture and decorative items. There is also a fully functional leveling system and nine different professions. You can travel through the Star Wars Universe from level 1 to 90, starting on Tatooine, and ending nowhere. There are guild wars, Factional Battles, and you can even get married. There are also Star Wars heroes and you can even fight some of them. I think SWG is a great game. Who else plays SWG?[EDIT]Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum... I meant to post it in the Games RPG forum.

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