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The Wicca By Archangel A poem about what Witches REALLY do...

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The Wicca! -By Archangel


Beloved Children Of God & Goddess Are We,

Blessed With Their Powers & Divinity.


With Their Perfect Love & Perfect Trust,

We Use Our Magick To Help All We Must.


We Spin Our Webs & Raise The Cone,

Cast Spells To Heal Soul, Flesh & Bone.


Banishing Evil, Conjuring Light,

We Work Our Wills By Magick Rite.


We Balance Karma, Free Lost Souls,

Help Living & Dead Reach Highest Goals.


Blessing All, Harming None,

By The Lord & The Lady, Our Wills Be Done.


By Archangel Copyright Born Again Wiccan 2006. All Rights Reserved. Posted By Author.

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Hmm... I rather like this one. I am quite educated in the occult myself, thus I can relate. It's frustrating to really practice an elevated wicca, meaning something beyond Buffy the Vampire Slayer.I vouch your for your poem, and for expressing how you feel about this. This poem itself brings up an interesting topic, though not fir for this thread.

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