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Firefox Extensions Dream Package #2: Browser Effects

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Well the last time I made this topic it was for web designer extensions that can be used, this topic will cover various extensions, such as security and privacy, web data and more.



Cooliris Previews


The first extension I will talk about is Cooliris Previews, which is an extension in which a user just has to hover over a link and then a blue square appears, then all you have to do is hover over that blue square and the link opens up into a min browser and shows the contents. Now being a long time trap user I have clicked on so many topics that my hands hurt, and use the create a new tab function to up the topic, and with this extension it could make peoples posting here more enjoyable as they can see what the topic is about without the necessary clicking. Of course lets not forget the mods and the report center function they can go through these reports a lot quicker then ever before. I would say give this a test run to see what you think about it and when you try it out for the first time you will be hooked. You can find the properties menu though hte window that it creates (it looks like a wrench).


Firefox Version


All versions







FEBE(Firefox Environment Backup Extension)


The next extension that I have come across and never really thought about is this one, this extension literally makes a back up of your firefox, including passwords, extensions, profiles and more. That way if you ever have a computer crash and have to reinstall everything, your firefox browser will restored just like that. Of course you have to make sure you put your back up on a flash drive or a External Hard Drive so you can easily access it and restore your firefox without the need to spend hours reinstalling everything from your browser. The only one downside to this if you can even call it that, depending on how hooked up you have firefox it could take awhile for the backup to be completed and of course hundreds of files that it produces; nonetheless, it is the same thing as doing a system restore as well, either way it will take time depending how much you have installed on to the browser. However, its the convenience of this extension that will save you the time needed to reinstall everything. You can find it in your tools menu.



Firefox Version


2.x.x versions








Well this extension is more of a web developers tool as it will count all the links on that website page, for instance Xisto.com has 549 links on the index page. Now when you click on the link counter it highlights all the links that fall under the following categories empty, files, targets, anchors, feeds, javascripts, mails, 'xfiles', internal and external. Then of course just right click the link counter to bring up it's menu and change it to suit your needs.

The link counter gets installed on the footer of the browser on the right side.



Firefox Version


All Current Versions







Forum Fixer


I would say that this extension is only useful to the 56K users since it removes all images on a particular site, and it is common knowledge some of our users here on trap still use it. All you simple do is right click on a image then select Block Images from (website name). Then a tool bar will show up top in which you can undo the changes or close that tool bar or just right click on the image location and the re-select Block Images from (website name) and the images will show up. Another catch is that this is for forums only and not the websites, so again if your a 56k forum user this will give you addition loading speed of that forum.


Firefox Version









Tab Effect


If you want to add some spice to your browser when selecting tabs, this is the one; it is like some versions of Linux OS when you install Compiz or Beryl, in which the desktop rotates from left to right or right to left. Same concept here with the tabs, and so far I cannot find a menu for this to customize it or disable it without the need to uninstall it.


Firefox Version








Well thats it for the latest firefox extensions that I found and would look good, so if you do try them out make sure to post your thoughts about them.

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