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R U Loosing It...unsound Mind So who is really mad

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Unsound MindMine is a sound they do not hearYet so loud I am hoarse of shoutingThey say my mind is no good(There is no sound where there should be)I say their hear is no goodBut how will I say if they will not hearAnd what is sound anyway?!!?Sound of a bird, a politician, an Armenian, a pumbavu?To me it is the sound of blood pumping in my veinsThey say sound is when one mind is heard by anotherAnd yet all the animals who were created before men hear me,They all heard me before man came alongAm tiredAnd sad for those who resemble me Do not hear my loud soundThe sound of natureThe sound of blood in my veinsThe sound of my heart skipping a beatThe sound of my eyes staringTake a walk in my mindSigned The Unheard Mind

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