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Runescape Pcing Pcing Clan ON Runescape

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Im Tiger_s_14. Which is also my rsn. Im starting my own pcing clan!
I will Host Pcing event,Cwing,Dualing and anyother events my clan votes to do!
The Reqirements to join is 85+ combat lvl. Please fill out this forum and i'll pm on runescape if u
made the clan or not.

Combat lvl:
Mage lvl:
Range lvl:
Strenght lvl:
Attk lvl:
Def. lvl:
Will you remain loayl to the clan?
Have u ever been in any other clans?

Once u have filled out the forum u could pm me or wait till i pm u.
Ps: Please download this for ezer clan discustion thank you!


Members Are:

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pc clans are not good anymore main reson since jagex made the update about you have to be a certain lvl to go in a boat so let say your a lvl 77 and you want to go to the middle boat and the req are 80+combat you wouldnt be able to get in since your not that lvl theres also a boat for 100+ so clans preety much are gone i havent seen a pc clan since the update since evreyone is with there lvls

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