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Two Poems ^_^

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By means of introduction, the first poem is impressionistic, and it's based on my experiences with university life. The second poem attaches to an ethos of the body. They're not really about anything; that would completely ruin the intended critical meaning.




An exercise, a device, a derisive thought,

Arrogance, meanness, and then death,

Some of us are dreamers, and some of us are vacant,

Some of us make life an art, while others never start,

We do not like these second people or their plots,

We will stand upon their graves like empty lots,

We shall stand against the wind of their desires,

We must break them down into our fires,

And cast them away like the magazines they read,

These stupid unknowing men of knowledge,

These tepid, unchanging men of college,




Unrecorded feelings and unknown shadowy places,

Wives of politicians and greedy men with empty faces,

Gather round to count your cards and throw off your aces,

To find between dusk and dawn how time erases

All the lingering you feel beneath your faces.

Stamp! Stamp out the wisdom and the gangly traces

Of jokers who know nothing beyond their shoelaces,

Bring yourself to create nothing but movement without braces,

Love yourself, not for what your body follows, but what it chases.

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