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Accused Spammer To Decide Fate Of Anti-spam Crusader

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I thought was an interesting article because of the fact it has to deal with spam and spam laws so to speak. It seems Mark Mumma has to pay Omega World Travel $330,000 for suing them for sending unsolicited emails to him, because he called them spammers (phew that was a mouthful). Then of course the back and forth fighting continued on about this little fight, but it seems that Mr. Mark Mumma is a anti-spammer guy and of course takes spam seriously. To the point that he has two websites that deal with spamming laws and of course how to sue something for spamming your domain.

Of course they gave a whopper of story in which two spammers are going to jail for at least 30 years for sending millions of spam messages that consisted of porn (of course). Which really brings me to this point spamming is one thing but sending a people to jail for 30 years on a petty crime such as this is kind or stupid, because of the fact there are worse people in this world that need to be there. It is not hard to restrict computer access to a person (keeping track of them is), I don't think many people especially computer spammers are not learning any by spending 30 years in a jail where they most likely won't see the light of day if they mess with a gang member of some sorts.

I will agree that spamming is a big issue and very volatile, however, compared to other crimes this is cruel and unusual punishment for those who do get caught who are practically spending life sentences in a prison for send emails that can be easily deleted. It will take years to have a solid game plan on how to crack down on spamming, but sending people to jail for 30 years just for spamming (thats not including all the frauds that go with it) would be a bit ridiculous. Which also reminds me of the fact there is more to spamming then just sending emails (you all though I forgot, well I somewhat did); they include, wire fraud, bank fraud and of course Identity theft. If those are included then I would change my position depending on how deep the bad spammers are in.

So I toss two questions to all of you first one being about this article; do you think the guy had the right to sue this company based on the fact 11 emails got sent? Or the Judge ruling stating they can sue this guy for wrongful spamming?

Second question I send to you is depending on what the spammer uses for sending out spam do you think the prison terms that are sentence justifiable?



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