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Tribal Wars online game

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lol tribalwars, i agree its a good gaming i bin playing it for months and months, its a game that doesn't need lots of time in anywayi playing in 3 worlds=tribalwars.net=world 3,points 189.670.with 27 villages and in the tribe,lor,name is crazymind21tribalwars.net=world 5,points 55,000 with 6 villages and in tribe <ea> name is crazyhearttribalwars.nl(dutch version)just started therei'll tell everyone alil about this game so they have more information about how to play and whats it all about,its basicly like this u start of what a few buildings wich u need to upgrade to make more building and build troops,basicly what u need to do is buld ur village as high as possible, and mean while while ur ding that u need to build ur troops, and nobles(nobles are armies that alow u to take over other villages),so u can take over other villages, and soon build a big empire for rself, while doing this u may make a tribe or join 1, so u can work together with other members and get as big as u can,this game is very fun to do, and it isn't time consuminggreetz crazy,

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