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My Magepure Guide Runescape runescape based

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well, you can have it at like 60+ mage 40 cb easily with no hp then, all u gotta do is get the hp up with more mage? items/levels needed:level 4+ magefull iron or any good armourbody runeswater or earth runesearth or water staff (depending on the choice of runes^) if chosen to take earth runes take water staff or other way round.well here it is:1. buy like 5000 body runes, earth and water, oh and full iron (or highest armour possible) and have ALL magic minus bonus items. NOTE: you cna have earth / water staff you chose.2. go to varrock sewer wearing all your iron and minus magic items and body runes and stuff 3. now go to the zombies in varrock sewer if you dont know the way look at the picture: 4. now youre there go to the magic book near inventory. and click on the curse/weaken/confuse and when youre at the zombies you can keep using it on them until you get the magic level wanted or you run out of runes.5. if you like this guide and it helps feel free to press the "thanks" button in the corner.NOTE: may take time to get 60+ mage but its worth it for like a 10 hp pure!!!!! then after, to get your hp up do range or more mage (not using that spell). :) hope this help__________________

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