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Porcelain Catastrophe

Interested In Joining A Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 E-fed?

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If you want a dedicated and successful e-fed for Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 on the xbox 360, look no further. EWC is open to both WWE superstars and CAWS and consists of three brands: Smackdown!, RAW is WAR, and RTCW. We have just had a draft in the past week and a supplemental draft a few days ago because of an increase in members. That means new beginnings for the federation, so join soon and get yourself onto a show if you want to get right into a rivalry. Features don't really need to be listed as if anybody ever reads those lists anyways. A current rivalry that will change the fed forever is the EWC clean-up crew up against all of RTCW, think of that as an nWo kind of thing. RTCW needs more superstars to stand their ground! If you have a CAW, register for RTCW! There is an EWC magazine in which you can help make on the forum by either participating in an interview or coming up with ideas for a segment (filler!). There's no need for anger if you do not join, but we do ask that you at least give us a try.


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