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How Do You Change Language In Windows but keep default the same?

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I've got a problem. I am a Brit, and so is my brother, but I am from a family who's native country is Finland. A while ago my Grandfather came to England and stayed with us for a while, and during that time he decided to use our computer. However, our computer is in English and he knows little English himself, and as a result our computer was nearly destroyed.Not willing to risk this again, my query is whether or not there is a way to change the language the computer uses, and then change it back when we so decide. But does a method exist, and is Finnish an option?Please help me out as it is driving me crazy. I am running a Windows XP Computer, Service Pack 1 (can't download SP2 for some reason) and my account is an Administrator. I have limited funds so if you suggest any commercial software please keep it cheap. Thanks!

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There are many ways but the most convinient way is to do it my way :). Otherwise iwill suck your spirit. sorry that's the way the world is today :)


1. Click on the menu button on the taskbar.


2. Click on the control panel icon


3. Now I need to know the way you use your Control Panel


4. If your control panel has a blue background. You are using Category view


5. If it has a white background ( This is the same as opening a folder on your computer ) then you are having classic view


Now. The change of language depends on your view ( Either classic or Category ( Explained above ))


Classic view



Classic view will make it much easier for you to change the language.


1. Once control panel is opened. You should find a folder named "Regional and language options"


2. Double click on this icon.


3. A window will pop-up


4. Then there you can change the language. ( to change it is the first thing on that window )


5. Default is English (UNITED STATES)



Category view



1. Fire up your control panel


2. Click on te icon " Date, time, language and Regional Options "


3. Then down under the category "or pick a control panel icon "


4. click on "Regional and language options "


5. A window will pop- up


5. Change the language ( To change the language it is the first things that appears on that screen


6. Default is english (UNITED STATES)


and yes FINNISH is an option itis close to English (UNITED STATES)



NOTE:- To change back ( since it will be in a different language, FINNISH in your case.[) remember the placing of the icons.


Hope this helped you (DUHH)


Evil spirit who stole your soul is logging out



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Here are some microsoft links on how to change the language settings (includes pictures), so these pictures along with what ridwan posted should help you out

Click here

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Yeah the last picture on that page is what gaeratheart should use since he uses windows xp SP1. I have Sp2 but i think it is the same.But yeah well i explained it ore properly that the microsot website MUAHAHAHAHAHAhaHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

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