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Today's System:360Today's Creator:3D Realms/2kTodays Game: PreyGameplay: Ok people, im hear to break down Prey, a 360 game that uses the Doom 3 Engine, the only other game out there that uses it. The gameplay doesn't stand out in ways of attacking and controls. Its just like Doom 3, lemme put it that way. The graphics of the game change from total space-ship Doom to nice, home area Doom. The physics in the game are the same as Doom, clearly, and your expecting me to say it is Doom 3 with a new plot and character. Wrong. The game goes even deeper with physics, modding the engine like Unreal Tournament 2003 did to the Quake engine, enough to make its own engine. During your time in the Sphere, whitch is all through the game, you find these odd walkways that climb up walls Metroid style. You walk on them and your vision changes to where it is level looking with you, but your actually walking across the wall and then onto the celing. And there are portals. Although it is not like, open a portal anywhere like the upcoming Valve game, Portal, they still make a huge difference in the game. After a while, the game gets to where you can take a whole new direction in the game, although the plot is the same. The weapons are not very great, and do not tell you the exact ammo, just a bar, unusual for a FPS. There is a new melee weapon, very intersting. A wrench, and at first glance, it is very boring and dull and weak as hell. But after hitting a living thing about 5 times, the wrench gets covered in realistic blood, whitch was very cool.Plot:(I'm not going to spoiler this with Biohazards idea, to spoil all of them for easier reading.)You start the game in a bathroom next to a phone sex poster. Seriously. You play as a Native American named Tommy on an indian reservation with his girlfriend and grandfather. He is ready to leave the place, not caring about his indian heritage. Although his girlfriend is not willing to leave, and it also dissapoints his grandfather, until they realize they are being captured by aliens. Tommy, Jen and his Grandfather are captured and split up after a strange indian man saves Tommy. He flees, and leaves him alone. Tommy traverses this horrible sight, seeing people crushed by these massive machines used for experiments. He runs, trying to save Jen, realizing there are thousands of aliens, armed to the teeth against him. He stops to see his Grandfather crushed by one of the machines, and his girlfriend is next. He runs through the ship, trying to save her, until he dies from a falling bridge, and his grandfather teaches him how to leave his body itno a spirit form. The spirit form is there to help get past seemingly invisible walkways, armed with a very strong bow and arrow. He revives him, telling him when he dies, he can revive after shooting spirit birds, returning his health and spirit energy. He continues to go along, realizing they are holding Jen, knowing he is after her. He is greeted by a voice that calls herself "The Keeper" that bothers him as he goes along. He finds the indian who saved him, who is apart of a group of survivors on "The Sphere" ship. They tell him if they can destroy part of The Sphere, they can kill The Keeper, the leader of the ship. So he sets out to a new part of the Sphere, and soon finds Jen. He saves her, only to go through a portal back to the indians, realizing they have been attacked and they end up dead. He leaves Jen to save the leader of them, and ends up facing The Keeper, although The Keeper killed Jen infront of his eyes, and he engages in battle, eventually dieing at the end and staying with his grandfather and Jen in the canyon of the dead. Happy ending, Eh?Overall: 85/100 The game had a good plot, although the game is kinda short. And it uses the Doom engine instead of a new engine, so that made me think I was playing Doom 3 the whole time. But if you have a 360, get this game if you have the chance, used it should be $20-30.

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