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Wurm Online

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First of all a little about it

From the wurm site

What makes Wurm Online special?For Wurm Online (henceforth called Wurm) to be something special and not just another 3D fantasy massively multiplayer game, we realized that we had to actually implement the features that players have demanded since the dawn of these types of games. Other 3D games have promised these features and still have them on their 'upcoming features' list unless they dropped them when they realized they'd never make it. Why? Because Wurm is built on technology that can make it happen and other games are not.

The first technological advantage of Wurm: it is done in Java. This means that we can reach gamers on operating systems that usually have few if any of these types of games to play. We also consider Wurm to be the first 3D java game that actually looks better graphically than most PC games while still being playable.

The second advantage: Wurm is tile-based. This means first and foremost three things:

* We have more manageable data structures
* We may stream terrain
* Line of sight in the client may be outrageous

Now, none of these possibilities are easy to implement but we have succeeded. This is the glory of Wurm and the foundation that the game rests upon.

An example of the technological advantage:
Because we have such manageable data structures, we may have millions of individual trees on one map.
For example, streaming the terrain gives us the opportunity compared to other games:
* trees and plants grow
* you can cut down trees
* and you can plant trees

Other effects are for instance:
* you can terraform by digging and dropping dirt.
* you can pave roads
* grass and other types of vegetation compete to be predominant
* you can dig out caves in the mountains
* some terrain can be converted to farmland where you grow crops of various kinds

had any played it... i think its the best gmae i have played.. of that type and beats most other types..

its so fun you make yor own house and tool and the world is compleatly user made... but however it take a lot of time and effort to play and go well... so i need to stop play for i while because of school but i thort i should get other people to play well let them know about it because not many people do know about it... its great fun...

gl hf
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It's a fun game, but a very odd game. It has its ups and downs, but not going to lie, not the best out there.

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