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Have You Played Dawn Of Mana? A little review.

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anyone played dawn of mana?why is it rated 5.1/10?when i first heard that a ''seiken densetsu 4'' was to be released in north america, i was pretty excited. TRUST ME, THAT GAME IS THE WORST 59.99$(Can) I EVER SPENT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.what's making that game so bad:-everyone was waiting for a game that looks like seiken densetsu 3 let's see some differences(i'm not kidding, THIS IS SAD)(btw i finished dawn of mana)-1 character instead of 3.means no multiplayer mode.-few variety of enemies.no equipments else than your only sword. no armors or whatever.-the game isn't a big world, it's 7(if i'm right) stages, which are still big, but the fact remains that it's still stages. THE NEXT PART IS SAD-NO LEVELS!!!(means no stats as well)-NO TOWN!!!-NO ITEMS(there is items actually,only hp/mp recovery,and you have to use them as u touch them which is still pretty sad you can't keep them or whatever)-AND THE WORST, NO M-E-N-U-S(the only menus are to see what emblems you got and the configuration)-there IS stats. there's the HP which is a red bar, you don't really know the amount you have but oh well.-there is the MP,same as hp, you don't know the amount. only a blue bar-there's the only stats remaining: attack. you don't know the amount. all you see is a number when you hit. that,s about it.there's the hero,with a whip,a sword,and a slingshot.remember people,in previous seiken? we used to get spirits(espers) through the storyline(dungeon after beating a boss mostly?),now TADA!! we have all 8 of them within the 1st hour of playing, we see them like out of no where. THIS IS SAD.another thing, the only way to be stronger is by defeating foe that are panicking(weird system i don't feel like explaining it, but it sucked, trust me) you earn some hp/mp/def medals. not only that sux, but IN EVERY NEW STAGE, your ''stats'' will restart a new.i give these notes to the game:Graphics-9Storyline-7Controls-3Music-4Gameplay-4overall: it's rated 5 but i'll give it a 6.final comment? they tried to make some kind of mario 64 mixed up with seiken 3 and erasing many elements. don't buy that game. if you wanna play it that bad, simply rent it. i finished that game on my 21st hour.thank you for reading that kind of review!

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