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World Browser:cool Browser Using Internet Explorer Shell With Tabs World Browser: features and use of world browser

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Hi everyone,
I want to share with you one cool browser using internet explorer shell,having security of ie with tab support ,also having ad filter,a download manager and many more its name is TheWorld Browser please read the quoted text from the official website

it provides a fast, safe, and easy way to browse the Web. It will max out your internet experiences with many useful features than the others could ever offer. Give it a try, and we guarrentee that we will never ship our browser with mal-wares.

Multi-threaded frame.
TheWorld Browser version 2.0 is the second multi-thread frame browser in the world(the first is Internet Explorer 7.0), the multi-threaded window frame can avoid web page being out of response.

Intelligent Ad. blocking + Blacklist filter.
TheWorld can block popup ad. and float ad. automatically.
You can also use black list to filter ad., the black list filter is working from lower level of HTTP protocol, with regular expression, you can filter every page item that you want.

Most powerfull function.
Flash filter, unlock page script limited, zoom in/out page in all level, proxy quick switch, auto forms, quick media saver, privacy keeper, mouse gesture , custom hotkey, drag&drop link ...

TheWorld Browser has a special built-in safe guard that will keep you out of dangers whlie surfing.

Built-in Download Manager.
Which consists of multi-thread download, resumable download, with a easy download manager, it can save you most time.

Skins and plugins.
TheWorld Browser supports skins and plugins, we have hundreds of skins and plugins to extend your internet experiences, we as well supports Internet Explorer's plugins


So guys lets have a try iam using it sice 1 month i like it very much,the most nice feture which i like is its ability to add pluguns like firefox and,skins,ths last but not the least tabs,form filler,mouse gestures etc,there are many more please have a try.and share ur veiws home page of world browser is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
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Well, when it uses the Internet Explorer shell, it has the security issues of IE. I don't look with trust towards it's safe guard.... If you want advanced IE, you could try IE 7. So I don't get the point...

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