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The True Heroic Tragedies - A Story

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Now this is just the first draft of the story and it is far from finnished lol after i write all chapters i will remove things, edit things add more stuff until it is perfect so please dont yell about how the story is lol! Also take in mind im 15 and my english skills have yet to improve!!!Here is the summarry:Solomon the great evil wizard has kidnapped Eutherius's sister Misty and kills his father Tom. Eutherius never finds out who killed him or kidnapped Misty tell one morning a tall figure appears at Eutherius's door to tell him some bad news. Rokan is his name, he is the most powerful wizard alive. Eutherius is so mad about the news, he takes a journey to Solomon's tall tower all the way on the other side of Hideysville(the town Eutherius lives in). On his way he must defeat many monstorous things along side Rokan and Elvira.. Who knows what will happen with the shadows lurking everywhere. Will Eutherius destroy Solomon or will all go down to hell?CharactersEutherius- An amatuer wizard.Elvira- Eutherius's Elf freind.Solomon- The great evil wizard.Scorpio- Solomons slave pretty much.The Shadows- shadowy figure who kill and kidnap people solomon dislike.Cesius- Powerfull wizard. So without further ado here is the story!CHAPTER 1Before your time, there was a far greater time. A time full of wizards, elves, dwarfs, and creatures you could never dream of existed here. This was the world of Valladour, a nice peaceful world, or until King Solomon, the great evil wizard took over.The starry sky was cloudy that night and silence filled the earth, except for in the little town of Hideysville. In the bat were three young adults who were drinking. Eutherius sitting on the left of the table was a tall young man with shining brown hair and aqua eyes. But what Eutherius did not know was something he couldn?t imagine was going to happen.At his house his sister lied on the ground screaming. Three shadowy figures surrounded her, her father lied next to her. The shadowy figures were black figures like that of the grim reaper. There faces were the foulest thing, so horrible you couldn?t even look at them. They were called the Druids and are said to be controlled by King Solomon who sends them to kill or capture all who he thinks deserves punishment.?Please stay away,? misty said rolling into a ball on the ground.?What do you want with her?? Misty?s father Tom asked, tom was not to old and not to young. He was a very skinny tall guy with light brown hair and green eyes. Misty was very young indeed. She was a kid in fact. She too had brown hair and green eyes.?We have come to take her away,? The Druid in the middle of the other three pointed out.Tom begged the Druids not to hurt Misty but the Druids would not budge.?I will give you anything, just don?t take her.? The Druids once again ignored Tom and went straight for misty.?Come with me Misty or we will kill your father!??Leave her alone!? The father cried as the Druids grabbed Mistys? arm. The Druids picked misty off the floor and told Tom?I am sorry sir, but Solomon is expecting her presence.??We have nothing to do with the king though.??Actually, you do. Solomon was telling us about a harsh life Misty gave him, about the time he was a kid.??I never knew anyone named Solomon as a kid.?The Druids dragged misty towards the door and told her it would all make since when she gets there. Misty told the bastards to get off. As she tried to shove the Druids off her, her hand flew through there bodies.?Leave her alone!?The Druid in the center turned his head and stared at Tom with an evil stare, its eyes turning red.?You shut up old man, or I will have you killed.?You don?t tell me what to do, I don?t care if you are the kings men or not. Now let go of my daughter!? Tom started to turn a bright red and a massive force shot at the Druids. Things flew everywhere, the door exploded and all kinds of stuff shot in the air. The Druids disappeared. Misty fell on her knees. ?Are you ok Misty?? Tom asked walking over to Misty. Misty thanked her father, but as they got up more Druids appeared. ?This is not possible, I just-??You have to remember my friend, there is a whole army of us, if there wasn?t what use would we be to our majesty? Now Mr.? The Druid looked down at a sheet of paper he held in his hand. ?Mr. Tom, do you know the price you will pay for killing the king?s men???No, I don?t??Well now you will know.?The Druids lifted high in the air and flew towards Tom, going through his chest. Tom fell to the ground.?No how could you?? Misty yelled.?We told you to come with us, and you failed to. Now if you choose not to come your father want be the only one on the ground, dead!?Misty hesitated and stayed on the ground weeping. The Druids picked her up and took her out the door. She yelled at wits end for help, but no one was around, well not for long. Soon the room was empty except for the body of Tom that lied in the middle.Eutherius was still with his friends at the bar. ?You know guys, I think its about time for me to start heading home, it is getting pretty late.? His friends Jale, and Sora nodded and told him goodbye. Eutherius stood up out of his chair and walked out of the bar. A group of people surrounded a building just ahead of Eutherius. He wondered what it was. As he got closer it soon came clear that it was his house that the people were surrounding. He stood in his place and started at his house for a few seconds. He noticed that everything inside was destroyed and that the door had been broken down. He asked the people who did this and a young lady with orange hair replied, ?We don?t know young sir. We heard some screaming and a loud explosion so we all decided to see what it was. When we got here this is how the place was.??Nothing else, you did not witness who caused all this mess?? ?No.??Who could have done this?? Eutherius yelled Solemnly. ?We don?t know.? the lady replied.?Maybe it was King Solomon.? A old hunched back man yelled in the distance. ?What makes you think that???I dunno, maybe because only he would do something his evil.??Well I don?t think it was him, we never did anything against his orders!? Eutherius turned around and looked in his house. As he looked to the floor he saw his father, dead on the ground.?No?? he cried, a tear fell down his face as he looked in the face of his father. The eyes were so violent looking, a pale white and the iris was dark blue. The lady asked who the man was and Eutherius told her. She apologized and Eutherius told her, ?You don?t have to apologize.? Eutherius began to cry continuosly, kneeling on his knees next to his father. The air grew musty and smelt of deaths deed. As Eutherius got up he wondered here his sister had gone. He searched the house over and over, high and low, through every crack and creek. She was no where to be found. Eutherius sat down on a chair which was unharmed by the events that took place earlier that sad, sad night. He placed his hand on his head and thought for a while.Elvira walked in. Elvira was Eutherius?s best friend. She was an elf, with orange hair and blue eyes. She wore a baby blue cloak and held a staff in her right hand.?What happened here?? She wanted to know.?We don?t know,? the lady answered for Eutherius. ?Can you leave please?? Eutherius looked at the lady in frustration as if disgusted of her. ?I?m sorry for bothering you sir.??It?s ok Eutherius!??No it?s not Elvira. You call that being ok,? He pointed at his dad?s corpse. ?I sure don?t, I call that, I call that?When I find out who did this they will pay!??Eutherius, that?s not the way to handle things.??I must kill whoever did this, or whatever did this.??Come on Eutherius don?t get mad when u find out they?ll be put in jail.??What about my sister will I get her back, most likely not?? ?Your sister is gone missing???Yes I looked everywhere? everywhere in the house that is.??Well even if someone did kidnap her they won?t kill her.??How do you know???I don?t know. Well let?s try doing a search for her and see if she didn?t go hiding, ok?? Eutherius finally ran outside. The crowd was smaller now but was still there. ?One of you must have seen something! Please does anyone know who did this?? Eutherius looked around at the blank stares of all who surrounded him. Meanwhile the old hunched back old man, turned over and notice three black figures holding something by the forest. He walked forwards and told Eutherius whispering in his ear. ?Are you sure this is what you saw???It looked like a little girl, but because they were so far I couldn?t tell what it was to tell you the truth.? Eutherius looked at the old man and dashed to the right towards the forest.. He ran like a cheetah, faster then he had ever ran before. He entered the forest and slowed down. He fell next to a fountain that was next to him and sat there weeping.?Where are you?? Where are you?? ?Brother is that you?? Misty called from the distance.?Misty, is that you, where were you?? ?I had to run away they were, were going to kill me!??What were going to kill you?? Misty was silent. Eutherius heard a low pitch voice in the distance. ?Eutherius, Eutherius.? ?Tell me who was trying to kill you?? Still there was no answer. ?Answer me Misty now!??Eutherius, Eutherius,? The voice called out again. Elvira splashed Eutherius with water. Eutherius woke up. ?Misty!? He yelled as he flew up in the air. ?Where did Misty go?? ?Misty was never here. It was a dream,? Elvira pointed out. ?No it wasn?t-??It is okay Eutherius. Well find her. But it?s really late and I am tired so well look more tomorrow.?Elvira told Eutherius it was just a dream but Eutherius knew it wasn?t, after all Misty was right there with him. Eutherius cried a bit more. Elvira took Eutherius back to her house and placed him on a chair by the dinner table.?There is no need to look tomorrow. If those things did take her she is long gone.? Eutherius brought up sadly.?How do you know if it was even her???I don?t know. The man did say he say three shadowy figures holding a girl though. It had to be her since she is the only girl missing.? ?That?s true? Wait he said three shadowy figures???Yeah why???That would mean, oh no the Druids have taken her.??But what would the Shadows want with her? In fact what would Solomon want with her, she has done nothing to Solomon, my family has done nothing to Solomon.? They both tried to talk it over figuring what Solomon wanted with Misty. They came up with all kinds of solutions but nothing seemed to work.?Well maybe she has. Did she talk to anyone lately???No but earlier she stole an apple from the town square sells men. But he does not work for Solomon so that can?t be it.??So it can?t be the Druids then, but if it wasn?t them then who was it?? ?I don?t know. I guess well never know.? Eutherius frowned and looked at Elvira. Elvira smiled and told him it well be alright. ?Well think more about this in the morning after we take a long and peaceful sleep.??That is just the thing. I don?t want to think about it anymore. Well never find her so let?s just forget about it.??How could you say that Eutherius? This is your family were talking about here, have you no respect or love for your family?? ?I just can?t think about it, I?m sorry?.??Well maybe a good night rest will change your mind.?There was a long pause between the two. ?Where am I to stay though???You can stay at my house for the nights tell your house is cleared up okay???That?ll be fine, thanks.??You?re welcome.? Elvira smiled and turned around walking away from Eutherius. Eutherius followed. ?Why did this need to happen to me?? ?Don?t worry Eutherius, well find her. I promise.??You can?t promise that because it?ll never happen.??What do you mean it?ll never happen???Because in all the tales I have read someone promises something like that and it turns out to never happen.??Those are just stories my friend. Made up, fake, not true stories.??Well still.?The night grew darker and Hideysville finally became silent. ?Goodnight Eutherius,? Elvira whispered turning off the torch and closing the door to Eutherius?s room. ?Good night Elvira.? Elvira placed her Staff in a closet which opened, as she hovered her hand over the knob and turned it. She walked into the kitchen and through tan open door which led to a small room with nothing in it. As she pointed to the floor the stairs grew up magically. She walked up them and opened a door to the right, getting on the bed and falling asleep. Back at Solomon?s castle the Druids walked in and threw Misty on the ground. ?Thank you. Look at them misty, they have no idea what is about to become of them.? Solomon said looking into an orb which showed Eutherius on one side and Elvira on the other. ?So Misty welcome to my place, do you recognize me at all?? Solomon was a bit older then Eutherius, just about 10 years. He had black hair and dark green eyes. He wore a black robe with red stripes along the ends of it.?No.? Misty said bravely. ?Well you will soon, but that time will not come until later.? Solomon grinned and laughed. ?Put here in the chamber and hang her wrists on the wall.? ?No leave me alone you, you beast?? Solomon teleported over to Misty and stared her in the face. ?Never say that again little girl or your death will come soon enough.? The guards picked Misty up and brought her out of the room. ?Stop it.? She yelled over and over again. ?My brother will find you and you?ll be dead.? ?Your brother will do nothing.? He replied staring into the orb once again. ?Your brother will do nothing!?

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