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Adsense Manager Plugin For Wordpress New plugin for adsense

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Adsense Manager is a new Wordpress plugin to help manage Adsense ads on your blog. While other plugins require you to copy and paste code from the Google Adsense site, Adsense Manager generates the code automatically for you.

You can modify Ads right from your Wordpress admin panel - change colours, type and size of ads with a push of a button. On Wordpress Widgets enabled blogs you can also drag the Ads around your Sidebar to position them as you like.

Sidebar Modules (as used in the popular K2 theme) are now also supported.

Download the latest version --> http://www.ssh101.com/

1.Unzip the downloaded package and upload the Adsense Manager folder into your Wordpress plugins folder
2.Log into your WordPress admin panel
3.Go to Plugins and Activate the plugin
4.Adsense Manager will now be displayed in your Options section and Ads appears under Manage.
5.Set your AdSense Account ID under Options ť AdSense
6.Create and modify your Ad blocks under Manage ť Ads

Complete usage instructions are available here --> http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

(Sorry for posting links but im having trouble using hyperlinks at the moment)

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