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Why Play Beta Waromen?

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Why you should play beta waromen?Beta waromen is a great game with great features such as:- 5000 turns start - Ability to assassinate soliders- 15 minutes per a turn and soldiers- When you sell off the money goes straight to your bank so you don?t need to worry about someone else stealing your self offs. - Able to send turns to kingdom members.- Able to send gold to kingdom members.- The last recon stats feature on a player- Cant attack kingdom members- Able to change kingdom name.- Able to upload own Kingdom avatar - Kingdom Member feature- No clickers just unit production- No lagg, unless you have slow internet connection- Kingdom Shout Box- A ability that makes sure that high ranked players cant attack lower ranked players. - Online feature that shows many people are online playingSo if I were you I join beta waromen asap for all the fun, so check it out, the link is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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