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Skateboarding Tutorial

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hey as you probably know im a skater myself which is why i decided to write this tutorial on skateboarding. so lets start off with some basics that you need to know before you get to bigger and better things,1) a simple little pivot, all you have to do is put a foot in the middle of the board and one foot on the tail, lean back and turn. if you do this you should do it on flat ground and start out with little 90 degree turns then go to bigger spins2) a manual, manuals can earn you some big points if you know the variations but lets not get to that just yet. alright so to manual get moving then put your feet in position like a pivot but instead of turning just go strait.3) the almighty ollie, this trick is the basic of all tricks you also need to know how to do this to do just about everything in skateboarding. for instince if you wanted to do a frontside board slide than you most likely have to ollie onto the railif you need to ther tricks just reply

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