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My Own Ts Server! Watch out for the problem I had

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Well I have been trying to run my own TS server off my computer for a couple days now. It was easy to install and admining it was quiet easy, but whenever someone tried to connect to it(including myself) it would give the server not responding error! I was stumped, but then my friend Jon reminded me that I don't have IP forwarding set up on this computer! MEaning that I have to tell my router whenever it receives a connect to redirect it straight to my computer. This was easily done, by going into my routers IP address and changing it. Forutunatly my router can with some pretty cool software that allows for some really cool custimization! One cool thing is that I there is a lot less delay between me and my friends,because we all live in the same city. Before we were using some open server that no one knew where it was located. I can also set it to any maxium players I would like! I have a pretty highend computer and it seems to run fine under the pressure. I also like not having to pay someone. Even though it really isn't that much to rent one, better to do it yourself and learn how to do it.Quick tip, if anyone tries to set their own up make sure to look into IP forwarding. Good luck mates.

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